About the Academic Redneck

About the Academic Redneck:

Dana Zimbleman grew up in a small, Mayberryesque Alabama town about fifty miles north of Birmingham. Thanks to her dear mama (pictured above) and her late father, two hardworking folks who did without so their kid could get an advanced education, she makes her living doing what she loves: reading books and talking and writing about U.S. politics and history.  She has been a full-time English faculty member at community colleges in Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, and Washington state. Currently she works in the College Composition and Reading Department at Pikes Peak Community College.

Dana has been married more than fifteen years to Mike Zimbleman, a “Yankee” from southern Illinois (which is really a lot like the South anyway), who retired from one of the  DoD intelligence agencies.  They make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They are owned by two critters, Mr. Darcy, a young golden retriever named after her favorite literary character, and Kitty-Catter, a bossy feline who showed up one day and insisted they be her her servants.

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